Gondwana Cronicle

Author : Harshwardhan Padole (born April 1, 1980) Fictional Book with mythology included Buy it from Amazon

We are talking About The Lost Weapon of Mahabharata. In ancient India, lot’s of weapon was used to win the War. The Lost Weapon was so powerful there are some secrets while making those powerful weapons. the secrets were hidden the hidden secrets are placed in five different places. only the Aryans were known about it.

There was a commander name bhakt khan who wants to know the secrets of the Lost Weapon of Mahabharata. That he was finding that lost weapon since twenty-two year with ten thousand soldiers. All the secrets weapon that the chest was made of pure silver

To know more about this story you have to read this book,

the book name is The Genius of Indraprastha based on a Mythology story:

Gondwana Chronicles

What happens after the Mahabharta war? Is the rich Aryan past a myth or history? If it is history, what happened to the rich technological heritage of the Mahabharata times?
Find out in Indraprastha – Decoding the Epics for a Meaningful Life.

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