Gondwana Cronicle

Author : Harshwardhan Padole (born April 1, 1980) Fictional Book with mythology included Buy it from Amazon


Do you want to know which is the place in India which was made by Arabian Builder in the periods of Mahabharata? So I am telling you the name of that city Daultabad: The city of glorified wealth. Every man wants to conquer this glorious city.

Gondwana which spread over an area of fifty thousand hectares and Daultabad was the largest city of Gondwana.  Daulatabad where the sky changed shades from dark to blue to peach as the morning hustle picked up the pace at Daulatabad palace. A huge three-layered Trimala Diwar protected the port city of Daulatabad from all sides. Every council meeting was organized in Daultabad. Where Commander Bakht Khan had arrived with his twenty thousand cavaliers for the council meeting after twenty-two years.

Gondwana Chronicles

Gondwana Chronicles

What was in Daultabad city where every Arabian trader wanted to invest their assets?

What happened in Daultabad after council meeting?

If you want to know, you have to read the story of the book. The book name is The Genius of Indraprastha based on a Mythology story :


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