Gondwana Cronicle

Author : Harshwardhan Padole (born April 1, 1980) Fictional Book with mythology included Buy it from Amazon

This is the story after the Mahabharata

The Khidmatgar tribe was originally Arabian. Their king was Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent the Arabian Gulf was roots lay. But the Sultan was very rich And was one of the well-known merchants. But now their favourite place to live was running out of water and now they felt the need for water. But where to go with so many people So the king sent some soldiers towards the Arya Samaj. There they found Gondwana which was the richest place. Both water and trade were plentiful there. After the Mahabharata, Arya and Vanar are a community was living there. How to make your home in such a prosperous place.

Gondwana Chronicles

Gondwana Chronicles

For this, Sultan Syed selected some soldiers from his army and equipped them for the job and honoured them as Khidmatgar.

Now let’s read further in this book about how Kheidmatgar chose his responsibility and how he got his place in Gondwana.

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